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Outsource Room simplifies outsourcing with expert recruitment, seamless onboarding, and ongoing support.

Our Services

Service 1: Full-Service Talent Recruitment & Management

Leave the entire recruitment and management process to us!  We'll find the right Filipino talent for your needs, manage onboarding, ensure seamless integration, and provide ongoing support for both you and your new team member. Focus on what you do best – growing your business –  while we handle the talent side.

Service 2: Targeted Talent Recruitment

Looking to fill a specific role?  Our targeted recruitment service identifies, attracts, and vets top Filipino talent based on your exact requirements.  You get a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to interview and choose from.

The Filipino Talent We Can Find for You

General & Admin VAs

Filipino VAs are renowned for their attention to detail, strong communication skills, and proactive approach, making them exceptional virtual assistants to handle your daily tasks, scheduling, communication, and more.

Customer Service Representatives

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, cultural sensitivity, and genuine desire to help others. Our Customer Service Representatives consistently deliver exceptional service via phone, email, or chat, exceeding client expectations.

Data Entry Clerks

Filipino Data Entry Clerks are highly sought after for their accuracy, efficiency, and ability to handle large volumes of data. They ensure your business data is meticulously entered and managed.


Filipino accountants possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, coupled with a deep understanding of accounting principles and software. They efficiently manage your finances, handle bookkeeping, and provide insightful financial reports.


The Philippines is a hub for talented creatives! We can connect you with skilled graphic designers, web designers, and content creators who bring your vision to life with exceptional design skills and a keen eye for detail.

Tech Professionals

Filipino tech professionals are known for their technical expertise, dedication to learning, and strong work ethic.  Our network includes programmers, developers, web analysts, and other IT specialists who can bolster your technical team and contribute to your success.

Sometimes, all you need to grow your business is the right pair (or pairs) of extra hands at a time.

Superior Talent Matching Process

We use a tried and trusted recruitment process to find the right Filipino talent for your specific needs - fast.
Our process also includes vetting each candidate to verify their skill sets and work experience.

Payroll Management

Leave it to us to make sure your virtual staff always gets paid properly and on time. No need to think about converting your $$$’s or signing up on a payment platform.

Attendance Monitoring

Tracking your virtual staff’s hours should be the last thing you should worry about. Our system monitors their activities online while they’re on shift - and you can check the records anytime.

Initial Onboarding

We check each virtual staff’s equipment and internet connection so that they’re well-equipped to work with you. outsourceroom also includes basic training for best remote work practices as part of the onboarding.
You’ll also be assigned a dedicated account manager to handle any concerns along the way.

Data Security and Privacy

Your virtual staff will be working closely with you, so we can provide an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for them to sign upon request for added peace of mind.


New to outsourcing? Not sure how to begin? Or maybe you have specific needs for outsourcing services that you don’t see on our website - or anyone else’s. We’re here to give you all the guidance you need.