Full-Service Talent Recruitment & Management

What is it and who is it for?

This service is ideal for businesses seeking a complete solution for finding and managing Filipino virtual assistants (VAs) or remote team members. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, and growing companies who want to leverage Filipino talent without the headaches of recruitment and management.


What it covers?

Free Consultation & Needs Assessment – We get to know your business and goals.

Customized Job Description & Talent Search – We craft an attractive job description and scour our vast talent pool to find the right fit.

Rigorous Screening & Interview Process – We assess skills, experience, and cultural fit through multi-level screening and interviews.

Seamless Onboarding & Integration – We handle onboarding for both you and your new team, ensuring a smooth transition.

Secure Contracts & Reliable Compensation – We provide secure contracts and ensure timely payments for your talent.

Ongoing Support & Conflict Resolution – We offer dedicated support throughout your partnership, including regular check-ins and swift conflict resolution.

Transparent & Cost-Effective:

Our Full-Service Talent Recruitment &

Talent Hourly Salary

You pay your chosen Filipino VA/team member their agreed-upon hourly rate.

Outsource Room Service Fee

A fixed service fee of $4 USD is added to the talent's hourly rate, covering all our recruitment, onboarding, management, and ongoing support services.

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